A Patented Pump

is at the heart of the machine

You can take the pump apart without tools - a patented* feature

The heart of the machine is the Pump

We looked long and hard to find a pump that would meet our requirements......
Simple to take apart for cleaning without tools;
As few contact parts as possible
Easy to remove from the machine, without tools and without spilling product;
Sanitary stainless steel;
Handle any type of product from light liquids through to heavier creams and pastes;
Feed product from a hopper above, from a drum below or from any angle;

We could not find one!
And so we designed one!....and the Patent Office agreed.....

The pump is positive displacement

As the pump rotates the little pockets in the gears carry the product around the pump moving it precisely from the inlet to the outlet.

We measure to a fraction of a revolution how much product has been moved, and stop the pump from rotating at the precise setting on the control panel.

In fact the setting on the control panel is an arbitrary one and depends on the type of product being filled, but roughly each digit on the control panel translates to aproximately 1/3 of a ml with our standard 12 l/min pump. For very small fills we have adaptors that reduce this to 1/10th of a ml.  Anyway accuracies of +or- 1/2 % or better are common on this filler.

The fill speed can be varied to give gentle foamless filling.

Positive Shut Off Nozzles

The nozzles close at their very tips after a fill to prevent dripping.

This has 3 advantages with the LittleFiller

1. It stops drips or dribbling.

2. You can use as large a diameter of nozzle as will fit inside you container neck.  The larger the diameter the slower the stream of liquid and the less foaming.

3. When you have finished the batch you can unclamp the pump and nozzle from the machine and take them to the clean up area with out the remnant product dripping all over the place. It is all sealed inside.  (Another Patented feature of our Pump)

So what next?

Connect the inlet hose to a tank (which we can supply), or dip it into a barrel. Prime the pump, (we supply a little device to do this), but if your tank is level with the pump it will prime by itself.  Connect to power.

Set the control panel to 2000 and speed to 50% and press the footswitch.

The pump will run until 2000 is reached and stop, but it will also stop if you press the footswitch again.  This is useful as you can then place a container under the nozzle and as soon as it is full press the footswitch to stop the unit and note the value on the control panel.  Set this value and with a few small adjustments of speed and volume you are ready to run in production.

Another feature is that you can set the filler to run with the footswitch, or to repeat fill continuously after an adjustable delay. 

Of course you can add an automation package for automatic filling.

The LittleFiller can be set to run as a transfer pump too, either for flushing, cleaning or just as a transfer pump.  Each press of the footswitch will turn the pump on or off as needed.

Feed Tanks

The LittleFiller LF1s can be supplied with different types of feed hoppers/tanks or it can suck from a Drum or an existing tank.

*US Patent 7309218

The time saved, every week, every month and every year pays for the machine again and again...