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Infeed Tanks

We offer various different infeed tanks according to your needs or budget, the most inexpensive is a plastic tank, and we have stainless steel tanks and pressurized tanks among others.  Pressurized tanks help thicker products flow without the need for heating.  Surprisingly little pressure will make a difference to difficult products.  Having said this it is only about 1% of all products that even need these special tanks.

Heated Jackets

Some products do need warming, and heated jackets can be provided to keep the pumps warm, heated hoses can be provided, and heated jackets can be provided for the Hopper.

However many products do not need heating even if they do not actually flow.

AES (Automation) Control Kit

For automation a control box with a small PLC is connected to the Filler(s).  This AESControl can have one or more different accessories attached to it to automate one to four AF1's. One AESControl is a requirement before the other items can be attached.  Once you have the AESControl the accessories such as a Diving nozzle kit, a neck Clap and an Automation Package can be added at any time

Diving Nozzle Kit

Nozzles can be adjusted to the height of your containers and then the nozzle(s) will dive into the necks.

Neck Clamp

Used for tall or wobbly bottles to make sure liquid (or diving nozzles) enter the bottle.

V shaped clamp is adjustable in and out and up and down. Requires AESControl. (Up to 4 nozzles)

Drip Tray

When there is a neck clamp, a drip tray can be mounted on the opposite side so that it moves under the nozzle(s) as the clamp releases. 

This is to stop a final drip or string that sometimes forms on the outside of the nozzle with certain products (despite the nozzle being being closed). 

Requires AESControl. (Up to 4 nozzles)

Very Simple Automation

For the simplest automation two pneumatic indexing gates(fingers) are bolted on to any conveyor and they switch after the fill to let the filled bottle out and a fresh one enter.  There are no eyes to detect the bottle and no back up eyes, and the filler is set to run on a repeat timed (adjustable) cycle. 

So the operator must ensure there are bottles under the nozzle at all times and
the exit is clear so the filled bottles can leave. 
An inexpensive solution.

There are two models.  Regular duty for normal bottles and Heavy duty for gallons and larger.

Full Automation

The full Automation Kit will index containers on any conveyor and includes an adjustable rail, bottle sensor, pneumatic index fingers, no bottle-nofill & bottle back-up sensors. Requires AESControl. 


Nozzles can be adjusted to the height of your containers. If the diving nozzle kit is ordered then the nozzle(s) will dive into the necks.


Here 2 LF1's are shown together with a heavy duty index kit and a neck clamp.