Aesus Delta Automatic Pouch and Bag Labeler

 Labels either One or both sides

Pouch and Bag Labeling

The Delta Pouch automatic labeler is versatile, allowing single side or dual side label application on empty pre-made stand-up pouches or bags. It is ideal for production environments that need to cater to a wide range of products on small batch runs.

Machine set-up

  • Recipe management from touch screen for all the electronic adustments
  • Label heads speed and start delays memorized by PLC (no sensor to move)
  • Central adjustment of the feeder guide rails with hand-wheel
  • Digital indicators or scale on mechanical adjustments


  • Easy to add pouch into the magazine while the machine is running
  • Label positions can be adjusted while the machine is running
  • Status of machine appears on touch screen
  • High label placement accuracy with servo label heads 


  • No proprietary components
  • Maintenance-free servo motors
  • Stainless steel and anodized aluminum construction

Return On Investment

  • Cut your labor (or outsourcing) cost drastically
  • Reduce inventory of pouches
  • Increase flexibility and time to market for new products


Quick Change Reels

An Exclusive H400 feature is the twist on/twist off Core and rewind holders. Just twist a knob and the core is released to load fresh Labels. The same system for the backing paper. Just the faster label changes will probably pay for your Head!

Recipe Management

A touch screen is provided for all the electronic adustments; speeds and start delays are memorized by PLC and can be recalled from memory on the next run.

*Single sided Bag labeler

Ample Magazine

Magazine can be loaded while the machine is running


Sato, CAB or other printers

A printer attachment allows the labels to be pre-printed on the machine before applying them to the pouch.

Optional choices from Aesus

Date and Lot Printers

Laser Printers and Label presence sensors

Vision Verification

Total Count Sensor and others