Aesus Automatic Pouch and Bag Labeler

Extra information on our bag labelers

Many different bags

A multiple of bag configurations can be handled

From Large to difficult

Large paper bags to small difficult pouches with stoppers or ziplocks!

A Trail blazer

Stand up pouch labeling with front/back or 2 labels

Optional choices from Aesus

Date and Lot Printers

Laser Printers andLabel presence sensors

Vision Verification

Total Count Sensor and others

Standard machine

The Aesus Pouch Labelers feature a front and back(top and bottom) labeling system for pre-made stand-up pouches or bags.

The DeltaPouch also includes a shingled conveyor feeder that provides an autonomy of approximately 5 minutes of operation. 

The Eco Pouch has a Magazine that can handle flat bags (no fitments or ziplocks)

The machines are PLC and touch screen controlled and are easy to adjust for different size of pouches. The machines are supplied with servo driven top and bottom label applicators and a 4’ (1200mm) conveyor with overhead mechanism to drive the pouches.

Basic system

  • Tubular stainless steel construction
  • Shingled conveyor feeder for automatic pouch feeding
  • (Delta)
  • Magazine to handle stacks of bags (Eco)
  • Variable speed motorized conveyor
  • Self-adjusting overhead mechanism to drive pouches
  • Graduated fine adjustments on mechanical components (Delta)
  • One or two servo-driven label applicator(s)
  • PLC/touch screen controlled
  • Lexan guarding


Length of products 4.7’’ (120mm) - Unlimited
Width of products 3.9’’ (100mm) – 12’’ (300mm) - Option for wider
Max width of labels 6’’ (150mm) standard - 12’’ (300mm) option
Label roll diameter 12’’ (300mm) O.D. standard – Option for larger
Label roll core diameter 3’’ (75mm) standard
Maximum speed (product/min) Up to 60
Dispensing accuracy +/- 1/32’’ (1mm)
Electrical 220V
Pneumatic 80 PSI (5 bar)
Transport conveyor 4’ (1200mm) long X 2’’ (50mm) wide


We are proud of our standard labeling machines, but we understand it may not always be the best solution for your needs. 

Our most popular model comes with two label heads and is well equipped, but depending on your needs, the following options could be added:

  • Hot stamp coder for lot number and expiration date
  • Thermal transfer coder for lot number, expiration date, logo, barcode and other variable information on a limited print area
  • Table top printer with loose loop interface for variable information on a large portion of a blank label
  • Vision inspection
  • Label presence on pouch inspection
  • Reject station
  • Accumulation / stacking system

A single head model can be ordered with one label head for single side labeling at a time. 


We like to address challenging projects. If you have a very specific challenge and you have not seen it on this web site or on competitors’ web sites, we are always happy to look into it   Here are some examples we have met:

  • Four different labels on the same pouch
  • Label application on very large bags
  • Label application on special die-cutted pouch
  • Label application on pouch with corner fitment
  • Label application on high-speed medical device pouch
  • Outsert application on pouch
  • Integration of a label applicator on a pouch Fill/Seal machine
  • Integration of a label applicator on a Vertical/Form/Fill/Seal machine